Siner London - About The Company

Siner London – is your everyday statement jewellery brand focusing on modern and effortlessly stylish designs to adorn your everyday looks. It is a quality affordable jewellery that will elegantly get you covered for both day and sizzling dinner events. 

From chunky statement necklaces to essential hoop earrings and stylish bracelets, our collection is carefully created for modern millennial women who love to accessorise no matter the occasion.

Siner London is passionate about the power of jewellery and the confidence it can add to women's looks. We are here to spice up your jewellery journey and we hope you will like our creations!

All of our jewellery is 22K Gold plated brass. Around 50% of the brass we use in the jewellery production is recycled from leftover/overhead brass. Even though gold plated jewellery has similar quality as fine jewellery, with time, the plating tends to wear off. For this reason, at Siner we use a layer of clear resin to prolong its durability for you to enjoy your shiny jewellery longer!